The mission of the In vivo Imaging Platform (IIP) is to provide preclinical in vivo imaging services to the scientific community. Different equipments are available, including a 3T MRI system, an Optical Imager and Analysis Workstations. We also provide access to a PET/CT system through a partnership with a long time collaborator.  undefined  
  undefined The MRI and Optical Imager are located in the Specific Pathogen Free Animal Facility of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) in Luxembourg. Equipments needed for anesthesia, temperature control and physiological parameters monitoring are available at the facility.  
  The platform is commonly used today to validate in vitro experimental findings in preclinical models and to qualify promising new drugs or treatments paradigms before they are considered for clinical trials. Applications range from Oncology to Neuro-degenerative and Cardio-vascular diseases. All studies are subject to prior approval by the local Ethical Committee.  undefined  
  undefined We provide assistance in setting up projects, optimizing imaging protocols & analysing data to those who need it. Experienced users can also use the platform autonomously provided they have the necessary accreditations and can demonstrate sufficient expertise in animal handling & imaging experimentation.  



  Check out our Technology section for details on the instruments available, and our Projects section for examples of images and scientific results produced on the platform.